Blackberry JAM Monster - 100ml 3mg

Blackberry JAM Monster - 100ml 3mg

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Now, this is one of those comforting flavors that's going to take you way back! An old standby that always made for a delicious, quick breakfast option or a light, flavorful night snack. You could always depend on it to deliver a punchy, impactful flavor that would make you feel so satisfied. There are some flavors out there that really are underappreciated, they might not be the most innovative, crazy or decadent but they are staples that every vaper should have in their collection and when they are done exceptionally well, there really is nothing that's better.

When you are able to first vape this juice it's going to be like you've just had a life-changing epiphany, this is just what you needed to have in your collection for frequent, all day use that will give you everything that you've needed. The tastes that this blend is able to recreate are spot-on recreations of their real-world counterparts. It's going to have you sitting around puzzling just how the vape juice geniuses at Jam Monster were able to bottle up something that tastes just so good!

What it comes down to is the time and dedication that they have put into everything that they've made, using top-shelf ingredients and well-thought-out ingredients is the key to their scrumptious products. Blackberry Jam takes a slice of perfectly toasted, crisp, golden brown bread, gives it a little spread of butter and then loads it with a mouthwatering blackberry jam.

The jam flavor in this is nothing short of explosive, it tastes like a gourmet preserve that you would get from a farmers market.

Flavor: Blackberry JAM + Creamy Butter + Toast

70 VG / 30 PG